Been stuck trying to delete data from a firestore document using async

I have been trying to get a delete function working in my Vue, I have tried everything I could all day with no success.
I have the data here:
I use this button to grab a particular set within the data:

{{ subs.uploadTitle }}
{{ subs.uploadDetails }}
{{ subs.tags }}

<button @click=“deleteSelected(subs.uploadTitle)”>

The method that responds:
This takes it to my database.js
However when I click the button and debug I get the following error straight away

Followed by this:

Any help would be appreciated I honestly dont know where I am going wrong

I got it! posting for anyone who might have the same issue and comes across this. My paths werent correct. I was also just printing the query and not the actual document.

    .where("fieldName", "==", variable).get().then((qSnap)=>{ => doc.ref.delete())