Basic understanding regarding the developer setup, vue-cli / create project / run serve / localhost / remote host

i started with vue some days ago, beginning with cdn include (works fine). Now i want to try vue-cli and i have a problem with ‘localhost’. localhost is not available. I startet a project with vue create hello-world, cd hello-world , npm run serve: on my remote server.
http://localhost:8080 is not available. Now i ask me; do I have a problem on my local machine, windows10 pc (firewall etc.). Or therefore is logical because i never installed a webserver on my local machine?

Hint: Usually I develop on my remote server (https and so, not local, i save my files also local).
Thats why i installed all packages on my linux remote server with external domain.
Here the remote server environment:

You can see: Browsers Not Found. If i go on my remote project domain (/public) i got a blank white page.

Yes, i red something about the path /dist. This is the local path with the files i have to deploy remote (if i am local). It is a must or better way to develope local with vue-cli? At the end i have no problem to change my setup if its necessary or easier but i want to anderstand that.

I am a little bit confused, what i have to install local an what remote? Do I have to install an additional weberserver on my local windows pc, npm, for developement? Is vue-cli only a local thing for development?

Thanks for “orientation”, nick7

I moved some forward. Yes, I should install local. I did it on local windows pc, it works. Maybe to simple question :wink: