Axios Json-Error (Array)


i have a mysql-DB, a php file for reading tables and axios to get the response.

data: () => ({
users: [],
userid: 0

With the following code:

axios.get(“ajaxfile.php”).then(function(response) {


…i get this result:


But i cant do it to transform in the variable “users”… i try " but i doesnt work…

this is my table i will show the data…

<table border="1" width="80%" style="border-collapse: collapse;">

      <tr v-for="user in users" :key="">
        <td>{{ user.username }}</td>
        <td>{{ }}</td>
        <td>{{ }}</td>

What am I doing wrong? JSON.parse says it has invalid chars… (the brackets…)



Have a look at the quotation mark you get. It is not what should be.

var str = '[{"id":“1” ';
alert(str.charCodeAt(2)); // 34 - okey
alert(str.charCodeAt(7)) // 8220 - ???

p.s. If it is not this forum’s formatting