Axios causes trouble with Dropbox OAuth2

Hi all,
I need to use the Dropbox API. I know axios (a little :wink: ). And I succeed to send file to the Dropbox server directly with an API key requested in the DB’s panel.

Now I’m trying to implement OAuth2 authentication and… It fails.

I asked my question in DB developper forum but they just suggested me to change my fetch library :confused: .

beforeCreate() {
    delete axios.defaults.headers.common['X-CSRF-TOKEN']; // Forced to use that cause dbx API blocks headers
    window.dbx = new this.$root.Dropbox({ // Create the Dropbox instance, works well
        fetch: axios,
        clientId: 'myClientID',
        clientSecret: 'myClientSecret'
async created() {
    // Search for access token in local storage
    if(localStorage.dbx_token) this.dbx_token = localStorage.dbx_token;
    else {
        let params = new URL(window.location.href).searchParams, // Or currently asked
            code = params.get("code"),
            csrf_token = params.get("state");
        if (csrf_token == this.csrf_token) { // OAuth returns
            try { // Try to get an access token
                this.dbx_token = await dbx.getAccessTokenFromCode('http://localhost/fanny/public/', code);
            } catch(error) {

    // If found, generate DBX API
    if(this.dbx_token) dbx.setAccessToken(this.dbx_token);

Here is my post in dbx forums, with a snippet of API.js code which fails:

Does someone already succeed to login OAuth2 to Dropbox API with axios?