Avoid dynamic code inside QA page to be executed on render

Hi guys, I currently have a QA page made with Vue, but I’m facing a problem, the questions and answers content can have Javascript or any language code inside and it is saved on a postgres DB, when I write the code there’s not problem, but after saving the content and request/reload the page, it tries to run the code and causes a lot of noise in Sentry. Is there a way to force Vue to not execute that code? Sometihing like a directive or an special attribute like noscript?

PD: I’m rendering it via v-html.

Thanks a lot.

If you want to just render it as text, then use moustache syntax


No, it will not work because the user has a rich text editor wich allows him to set bold, italic, code block, etc, so I need to render that code in the specific format. When the user creates a code block I use a pre tag to wrap it, but I don’t know why it is being executed.