Authentication app w/ firebase + vuex + ts

Hey guys, recently I realized that I have a 2 years old abandoned project where I was learning about vue by reproducing the Android Airbnb authentication flow.

My idea was to document everything so I could learn better by trying to explain, but you knows life occurs and side projects dies :stuck_out_tongue:

Bellow are the github repository and the live example of it working, notice that I wrote some docs instead of writing the error handling code hahaha


I’m showing this now because I think it may be helpful to someone, I don’t plan to continue working on it at the moment. Hope it helps at least one person :slight_smile:

ps. The example is running with my firebase account, which means the emails you use to login will be listed to me. But don’t worry. I’ll not do anything with it, and if you want to erase it please enter in contact with me on discord: nhaco#3253