Article about SVG inline icon components

Article is here, suitable for beginner. Will be happy to hear any feedbacks :slight_smile:

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Very nice article, thanks.

Have you heard about SVG injection? This replaces an SVG image with the inline markup, so the SVG element will be styleable with CSS.

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Thank you @waruyama. I not only heard of it, but also used inline SVG with Gulp, long time ago.

Automatically injecting SVG is a good solution, but it requires installing one more package. And I can do the same thing without additional dependencies. It’s just a few minutes to create a new SVG component, so I prefer fewer dependencies. Also, when I do that by myself, I can pass different props to the SVG component. For example, if I have a multi-color icon, I can give several colors or do animations, and maybe more. SVG code is under my full control :slight_smile: