App.js file size 6 MB huge!

I am using vuejs with laravel blade file (laravel mix too). But When i run ‘npm run watch’ on local, it built about 13 MB of app.js !
When i run ‘npm run pord’ on server it makes 6 mb !
So, the users face slowness every time i deploy new task.
I have few role permission (main panel and school panel).
Main panel has full control over all things. But school panel has few component.
We use blade file which call a master component and master component may have one or more components that are SPA(Tab based). Means when user click other tab it loads another component but if the user click on sidebar menu the page (laravel blade file) reloads and load another page with tabs.

I don’t need to load all component for school panel as this panel has limited permission.
Is there any way so that i can load component specific js file instead of one js(app.js) file?
Is there any way to compact all packages in single file and component file in another js file?(as whenever i deploy changes user have to download whole js file again)

Hi. The first thing you can do is to split out all vendor libraries vue, vue-router and other things which doesn’t change as often as you code

See here