Anyway to implement watch in vuejs for v-for loop (dynamic inputs)

I am trying to create a form, there is one “Add” button, when clicking that, it will create a new array of object and set the values. I am looping the objects and need to watch each and every object dynamically.

HTML Code :

<div class="col-md-10 col-lg-10">
    <div class="block-flat">
        <div class="header">
            <div class="header-display">

            <div class="header-display pull-right">
                <button type="button" name="button" class="btn btn-primary" id=

        <div id="value-table">
            <table class="table vmiddle no-padding hover table-striped">



                    <tr v-for="(key, index) in NewArr" v-bind:key="value">

                        <td class="td-padding__multi">
                            <div class="input-fixed-width" v-if="ValueExists"></div>

                            <div class="input-fixed-width" v-else="">
                                <input type="text" v-model="key.ValueSelected" class=
                                "input-increase-padding" />

                        <td><button type="button" name="button" class=
                        "btn btn-danger"></button></td>

Vue Code :

Function to add new item

addNewValueInput: function() {
let vm = this;
name: '',
value: '',

vm.$set(vm.NewArr, vm.NameSelected, vm.ValueSelected);

Method written for @input

valuesList: function  (input) {
if(input === "options") {
vm.valueExists = true;
vm.valueExists = false;

Here, whenever i am selecting name field, it should display the input either dropdown or text field based on the value which received in @input like “options” or “other” values.

But, my main issue is, if i add first item, it is working properly, if i add second item, both items displaying same input type. It should be based on specific inputs.

For example, if i am adding 1st item as “options”, dropdown is displaying. when adding 2nd item and selecting name as “other”, then both items displaying into text field.

Please someone help me. I am stuck int his for past 1 week. Please help me. I am new to VueJS. may be my explanation will be confusing. sorry for that.