An epub reader made with vuejs


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Eplee is an ePub reader focused on clean distraction-free reading experience with simple and beautiful UI.


  • Clean UI
  • Easy Navigation
    • Table of content
    • Slider
    • Use swipe, wheel, arrow key or mouse to flip a page
  • Bookmark
  • Highlights
  • In Book search
  • Themes (Light, Tan, Dark)
  • Custom style support
  • Language translation
  • Continue reading where you left

Built with

  • Vue.js
  • electron.js
  • element-ui

I like this. :clap:

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Niceeeee :muscle:

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Sorry, I get an error when I use the dropdown to see a specific chapter

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘index’ of undefined

is found in \lib\epubcfi.js:805


I can’t find how to solve it

Hi, thanks for sharing, it looks amazing. Keep up the good work.