Adding VeeValidate via CDN


Can anyone help with adding VeeValidate V3.4.5 into my app that uses VueJS V2.5.17 via CDN. I don’t believe I got the extend part correct.

My js is loaded in order e.g. VueJS, VeeValidate, PageScript.

In my PageScript JS I have:

Vue.component('validation-provider', VeeValidate.ValidationProvider);

VeeValidae.extend('email', value =>{
return value.length >0;

var app = new Vue({ 
    el: '#mainVueApp',
        email: ''

my html has:

<div id="mainVueApp">
    <validation-provider rules="email" v-slot="v">
        <input v-model="email" id="email">

error is:

Property of method “v” is not defined on the instance but referenced during render.