Adding styles?

Hey there, hope you are doing well, im into Vue Mastery and i get stuck into this.

How could i apply styles on that nav? And,
Why in the exercise he just write .nav .nav-item { } and looks really well? :thinking:

To style your component you may use the style tag in your single component file, where you may use your css, and when you see the actual DOM in your browser these router-like component must be resolving to some thing link this <a href="..."/ class="nav-item"> and using the .nav .nav-itme { } css it targets to that anchor tag.

Maybe add a link to the video/tutorial.

Hard to guess what diff between your code and the tutorial code. The styling is by CSS selectors. Try:
<router-link "class="nav-item" of the code

Hi @LautaroVarela
I have styled your component and added style to the navbar using the .nav and .navbar classes.

  <div class="nav">
      <router-link to="/home" class="nav-item">Home</router-link>
      <router-link to="/about" class="nav-item">About</router-link>
      <router-link to="/contact" class="nav-item">Contact</router-link>

.nav .nav-item {
  text-decoration: none;
  color: saddlebrown;
  margin-left: 30px;

You can see the live demo using this link: navbar-styles - CodeSandbox
I hope this helps!!