Add opengraph image tag to

As a small improvement i suggest to add the opengraph image tag to
I shared in a facebook group today and the crawler don’t used the vuejs logo for the generated preview.

To let facebook take the right image we could add the og:image meta tag

Good idea. I guess the same applies for Twitter. Thanks for letting us know :heart_decoration:

Does VueJS have the Official Facebook Page ?

Not that I know of. I don’t think we need one, though.

Thanks for reply, I saw 2 so I just wasn’t sure are one of them right.

Hmm, you mean this I’m not very sure, let me double-check. The page hasn’t been updated for almost one year anyway.

I don’t believe that vuejs needs a official facebook page. I just added to a post in a group and the crawler got the wrong image. og:image would prevent that.

Yep and there was one more.

I think that FB Page is useless, I use Twitter to stay in track with some news, and this forum for sure.