Access to child component without assign refs value

I’m trying to make a tab component, for my vitepress page, like this

But I have problems searching for examples on internet, most of then use this.$refs or this.$children but most of these methods are deprecate in Vue 3.

There is a way to get child component without using refs?
I want that my component looks clean for th user, like this

  <Tab label="Tab 1">
    <content />
  <Tab label="Tab 2">
    <content />
  <Tab label="Tab 3">
    <content />

So, I can access from the parent Tabs

label = tabs.children[0].label

I already tried, put ref in Tab tag, but doesn’t work

Reaching into child components to access their data is a code smell. What’s your use case?

The usual approach to tabs is to use dynamic components.