Access component props definition programmatically

Hi, I need to access component props definition (e.g. “type” or “default” attributes) from outside of component .

props: {
    cols: {
      default: 12,
      type: Number,
    rows: {
      default: 2,
      type: Number,

vm.$props will only return prop : value pairs of VueComponent instance

One of the ways I see this could be done is during component registration:

let compDef = Vue.component('comp-name', Comp) 

Where props store attributes from prop definition.

However I do not always have access to component registration, sometimes it is managed by 3rd party libs through plugin (e.g. Vue.use(Quasar, config) ).

Therefore how can I access the component definition that is already registered/instantiated? Couldn’t find anything in API docs or vm object.