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Maybe we may have a category for the Turkish community. Since English is our main language, some guys from Turkey can’t understand this language, at least at the beginning.


I support your opinion, i like it


I have requested a channel for the official chat platform of Vue.js: https://chat.vuejs.org/ The response was:

same situation. find a few devs here who know the language and can talk there and the channel will get created so far you’re the first to ask about Turkish

People who know Turkish; if you want a platform to discuss with our native language, please support me on #channel-request channel in the chat platform I mentioned above. As I understand; if we talk with Turkish, related channel will get created. Thanks. @volkansag

It would also be great to see some kind of filter for the home page (not sure if even possible) per user, as I don’t want to see Turkish or Vietnamese posts in the “latest” list, as I don’t speak da lingo!

@davestewart You can filter by category name in your user preferences.

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Ahh, Notifications > Categories > Muted

So for English speakers, ignore the following:

Tiếng Việt

That is so useful :slight_smile: thanks @woodberry