A Vue plugin to replace jQuery DataTables

Hello everyone!

I have worked to rebuild the DataTable jQuery plugin using only VueJS . So far, my project, VueDataTable , has the following features:

  • multiple-column sorting
  • single-column
  • search filter
  • pagination
  • rows-per-page selection
  • customization text
  • language support for English, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • export data to excel, cvs, txt, and json

You can install it with our without npm. For more information, please check that out on Github . There are demo examples that you can play with.

By the way, if you like it you can buy me a coffe to support my projects or simply share the projects with other people throughout the internet. Iā€™d be really happy if you can do that :slight_smile:

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You should create a homepage instead of CodePen, perhaps GitHub Pages.

Currently, I am looking for this kind of responsiveness ā€“ mobile alternate view.

Thanks for the suggestions! I will do what I can to accomplish this