A simple problem about vue component

how to buid a compoent but not publish to npm, i can also use ‘npm install’ to install it and import anywhere

You don’t upload components to NPM. When you say:

are you saying you want to build a plugin?

thanks for your reply !

eg: the avlc&avlm don’t publish to NPM, but they can use " npm install" to install .

i can also see it in node_moudules floder and import anywhere,

its like build an npm ? but not publish to npm just upload your github rep?

I see, I’ve never done that myself. I don’t know if it’s possible. I know you can sign up for private npm https://docs.npmjs.com/private-modules/intro


You can install a git repository as if it was an npm module:

npm install https://github.com/author/repo --save

You can even install modules from your own machine!

npm install ../utils/myModule

Is this what you want? There’s tons of info in the npm docs about installing from custom sources.

thank you very much, you solve my problem perfectly.