A printable calendar component with Font Awesome icons

Customize this Vue 2 Font Awesome calendar component with your own classes:

Accepts Special Days array

Pass an array that contains information about particular days, including the Font Awesome icon you want for that day.

Uses Moment JS

Moment integration allows you to specify date format.


Based on tables, you can make a calendar with several months that render to print.


Emits ‘monthclicked’ with the starting date of the month.

This allows you to load more data from server, etc.

Emits ‘dateclicked’ with the date string that was clicked.

This allows you to use model dialog, or populate an edit form.

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Great! How can i implement like this calendar.

Primarily by CSS styles (and font loading). However, you may also have to change some code to allow for the greyscale printing of the numbers in the other months.