A beautiful vue component for image crop and upload





Moving of the image under Firefox is really choppy.


Really? I specifically optimized for Firebox, Then when I tested it myself, Moving of the image is smooth. Can you provide the browser version number? Perhaps Firebox added some features


This is with the latest Firefox Developer edition on a Windows 10. There is an initial glitch when you grab the element, after a moment if you dont move, then it gets OK. Which is really weird :smiley:


ok! I’m guessing that Firefox has added or tweaked some drag-and-drop related events, Recently I will try to fix this problem. thanks for the tip.


Hi, is there a plan for this plugin to support Vue2 ?


You’re right, vue2 is the trend, maybe tomorrow I will find time compatible with the next vue2


Has been compatible vue2.


wow you’re fast! thanks brother i’ll be sure to check it out…:smiley:


Pretty cool! But will be better if on IOS devices (didn’t test on other mobile devices) image are able to moving when cropping. Thanks a lot!


Unfortunately, This component is design for the PC side, Not recommended for use on the mobile side, At present I do not have time to do similar components on the mobile side


Hmm. I got it :slight_smile: . Thanks for fast reply )


That’s really neat and super slick!

Maybe its my browser (chrome, mac), but I noticed that adjusting the zoom via the slider knob doesn’t live update the image until the mouse is released.


Sorry to reply you so late, been busy recently. Your advice is right, I have done the optimization, You can update the latest version。

Thanks for your advice!


Hi dai-siki. How can I add some text on cropped image and save that image with text?


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