$40 USD for Automated VuePress Deploy to Github Pages


I need help deploying VuePress from my local environment to Github Pages. I’ve very frustrated and just NEED HELP making this work!

Success criteria:

  • My Github Pages instance rendering VuePress

  • Workflow to go from my local machine to Github to Github pages using deploy.sh or similar method

  • Cannot use third part build (Travis CI) nor hosting (Netlify, etc.). Must use bash script or similar method to build.

  • Forum Post: Github Pages Not Working

  • Github Repo: https://github.com/SeaDude/SeaDude.github.io

Please holler back and we’ll make arrangements. PayPal or Venmo work best.

Thank you


Hi, you can refer to here.


I can help.
You can reach me on Skype: cisin.justin or Email:justin@cisinlabs.com so that we can discuss this further.


Hi @regchiu. That is the document i’ve been reading over and over and trying. I need some help, hence the post here.


Hi @justin311994. Just reached out to you via Skype. Awaiting reply. Thanks



Here is where I’m at:

  • I use VS Code to write markdown content

  • I commit markdown to various Github repos (some are Github Enterprise)

  • I enable Github Pages to view markdown files in Github Pages default theme

  • I have installed VuePress locally and can build docs/preview on localhost:8080

Here is where I need to go:

  • I need my workflow to be:

    • Make a change to markdown file

    • Commit to Github

    • New VuePress build is performed

    • New version is visible on Github Pages but with VuePress default theme

Constraints :

  • No third party tools such as Travis CI/etc.

  • If need be, I can run the build scripts locally but need a way to commit the changes so that new versions are rendered correctly

Please respond with your Timezone so I know when to contact you and expect a response

Thank you